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Vaccine Not Showing On The List

Firstly, ensure that you have the latest vaccines available by importing the vaccines setup (Administration > System Configuration > Health Records > Import Vaccine Setup).

Check that the vaccine you're after is not on the Schedule Product Exclusion list (Administration > System Configuration > Health Records > Immunisation Schedule Product Exclusion) and rectify if need be.

If the disease for which the vaccine immunises against is not on the list in the immunisation section of Health Records, you may scroll down to the 'miscellaneous disease' section under the 'birth or not scheduled' column, tick the box and hit next as you usually would to enter an immunisation.

Please note that you cannot alter the 'vaccine' or 'product' fields, but may enter the Batch number, Dose, and the name of the appropriate disease and vaccination in the notes field.

Delete An Incorrect Immunisation Given to a Patient

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into any workstation
  2. Go to Administration > System Configuration > Health Records > Consultation Tools > Immunisation
  3. Click on Immunisation in Consultation Tools
  4. Click on History
  5. Select the immunisation
  6. Click on 'Remove'

Note: Vaccines which have been transmitted using ACIR Transmission process are not able to be removed

Processing ACIR Claims

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Administration > Practice Management > Processes > ACIR Claims > ACIR Claims Processing
  2. Click Process to proceed with the transmission of ACIR Claims to the Medicare Australia

ACIR Claims Status Report

The ‘Status Report’ will print information regarding the requested claims and their transmission status

  1. Enter a Claim Date From
  2. Enter a Claim Date To
  3. Select the Site
  4. Select the Provider
  5. Select a Sort By:
    1. Claim Number
    2. Run Number
    3. Doctor/Claim
    4. Doctor/Run Number
  6. Click on Print
  7. Click on Close

Re-Create & Transmit

  1. Enter a Run Number or a Claim Number
  2. Click on Process to proceed with the retransmission of the claim to the Medicare Australia
  3. Click on Close

Re-Print Claim Report

  1. Enter a Run Number or a Claim Number you would like to reprint the claim report for
  2. Click on Print
  3. Click on Close

Note:The ACIR transmissions use the same software as the Medicare Australia transmissions for Medicare and DVA Medclaims.

Click here to check the status of this software

ACIR Review and Release

Please follow the instructions below:

Administration + Practice Management + Processes + ACIR Claims -> ACIR Review and Release

If no previous ACIR transmissions are detected you may not wish to transmit all immunisations currently recorded and will therefore be prompted to enter a start date. Once this date has been entered click on OK to proceed with transmission.

The ‘ACIR Review and Release’ screen will display all immunisations to the selected date for the selected user

  1. Once you have confirmed that all immunisation details are correct
  2. Click on the Verify All button
  3. Click on the Release button to create the claim